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Schedules and Standings


***Subject to change. Please refer to your team's schedule on TeamSnap and to the WPL links below.***

WPL Player's Cup (May 13th - 15th)

G07 Kellogg

G11 Forster

B09 Turner

B10 Canchola

B10 Oyston

WPL Divisional Games



Home Team

Away Team



13:30 PDT

Ellensburg Elite Academy G2010 FORCE

G10 Zumach

Rotary Park

2021 Washington Cup - HS Boys 

B03 McCourtie

B05 Oyston

B07 Pefferman/Young

2022 Washington Cup - HS Girls (April 8-10)

G05 Elite McCourtie

WACup - First Weekend (April 23-24)

B10 Oyston

G10 Zumach

2022 Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International Showcase

B05 Oyston

G05 McCourtie

G08 Chandler

B10 Oyston