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Development Phases



  • All sessions will be based on fun games incorporating ball familiarity.
  • Sessions will have all players with a ball for the majority of the session to maximize touches.
  • Sessions will create an environment of accountability for actions while ensuring players feel part of a team and club.
  • Sessions will focus on basic athletic skills like running, jumping and balance will be incorporated with ball mastery.
  • Players will be taught individual technical ability with a ball so that all players are comfortable on the ball.


  • All sessions will focus on good technique when performing skills including dribbling, passing receiving & striking.
  • Sessions will create 1v1 and 2v1 situations which are key to developing individual skills and techniques while introducing passing skills which will enable good decision making in game situations.
  • All sessions will incorporate small sided games to help develop basic attacking and defensive principles. Players will not be pigeon holed to specific positions this early in development. Players will rotate through multiple positions throughout the course of the year to ensure they learn the principles of the game and the phases of play from different perspectives.
  • Pre-teen players will demonstrate dramatic improvements in skills and techniques along with core athletic skills such as speed, agility and balance. This should enable coaches to offer greater challenges throughout each session.

AGES U13 & U14

  • At least half of the sessions at this level will be focused on tactics and players will practice in larger spaces to allow for greater vision and use of full sized fields. Technical practices will continue to ensure players are comfortable on the ball in all situations.
  • Strength, speed and agility training will be incorporated for players to increase ability to compete physically.
  • Each team will follow a club wide warm up and cool down routine provided by our club Director of Coaching. This ensures that players are prepared for sessions and games and will minimize the risk of injury.
  • Coaches will maintain an atmosphere of accountability for players who perform well and follow coaching instructions. Players should show discipline and prepare in a manner conducive to maximizing performance.

AGES U15 - U18

  • Sessions will focus on tactical training and small sided games creating high pressure situations. This will provide players the opportunity to practice in game like situations while under pressure.
  • Attacking and defensive principles will be incorporated in all sessions with particular emphasis on speed of play, transition and smart pressure.
  • Strength, speed and agility training will be incorporated to ensure all Wenatchee FC players are able to demonstrate superior endurance, speed and strength.
  • Accountability and good preparation will be emphasized throughout the late teen development stage. Players and coaches will demonstrate commitment to team responsibilities, concentration during training sessions and a desire to compete at all training sessions and games.