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2022-2023 Annual Membership Pricing

2004-2008 Birth Year Teams (High School)
$719 ($359 with scholarship)

2009-2012 Birth Year Teams (11v11 and 9v9)
$819 ($409 with scholarship)

2013-2015 Birth Year Teams (7v7)
$629 ($314 with scholarship)

Memberships have a 4-month payment plan option (June-September).

Pricing above is per player for an annual membership that runs from June 2022 to May 2023. There are additional costs to team participation. All payments are online and have no extra fees. Please refer to our Programs page for basic club and team information.

We take pride in offering a significant Scholarship Program. Scholarships are based on financial need with a 50% fee reduction automatically given to all who qualify.  If you want to apply for a scholarship, please apply early as paperwork is needed from your school before they close for summer.  We work to help every player who qualifies get a scholarship! 

We also take pride in our WFC Youth Coupon Card Program that helps teams and players raise funds!

Annual membership fees include: 

  • Placement on a select team upon invitation after tryouts.
  • All Washington Premier League registration and fees for team league play.
  • US Club Soccer player registration and fees.
  • US Club Soccer player insurance.
  • US Club Soccer liability insurance for club.
  • Director of Coaching support for club.
  • Program Director support for club.
  • Referee scheduling and fees for WPL games.
  • Shared club equipment for training and games.
  • Facility scheduling plus approved necessary fees (including winter training facilities as available).
  • Apple Bowl rental fees for High School team WPL games (if available).
  • Coach and staff credentialing through US Club Soccer with background checks.
  • TeamSnap communication for teams.
  • Basic team training equipment program (limitations apply).
  • Goalkeeper Academies are free when available.
  • Seasonal technical training opportunities.
  • Club administrative support.
  • Club Representation on the WPL Super League Committee.
  • Coaching education support.
  • Club has no additional coaching fees.
  • Club store.
  • Support for tax deductible Donation Program for club and specific teams.
  • WFC Coupon Card Program and other team fundraising support. Players/teams are enabled to sell WFC cards in the community to raise funds for team and/or personal expenses. The first $60 of card sales goes back to the club to help support our Scholarship Program (see below).  Teams often organize to sell cards to pay for tournament fees or other projects.

Annual membership fees do not include:

  • Mandatory basic uniform purchase (~$150-$160 every 1-2 years through
  • Personal travel expenses to games and tournaments.
  • Tournament registration fees.
  • Personal equipment. 
  • Share of coach travel expenses (only if applicable, i.e. some out-of-state tournament travel situations).
  • Each player is required to sell or buy $60 worth of WFC Youth Coupon Cards (3 cards).  This goes back to the club through the teams to help support our Scholarship Program. Teams often do this as a group.


  • Registration fees are not refundable outside of the limited situations outlined below. Players leaving a team mid-season to join another club, deciding to no longer play on a team, or having their membership terminated for disciplinary/conduct issues will not qualify for a refund.
  • Players with significant injury or illness and physician documentation will be considered for a prorated refund.
  • Players relocating outside of the area will be considered for a prorated refund.