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Wenatchee FC COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines

Wenatchee FC staff, players, families, and volunteers are required to follow the PSPL, Washington State, and local COVID-19 mitigation requirements and guidelines as outlined for soccer activities. The source documents are below. The PSPL guidelines are the primary reference for soccer activities as derived from the Washington State document. Requirements for specific events and facilities may also apply and will be communicated as appropriate (some are below). Thank you for working to make a return to soccer safe for everyone! 

This is a living document with updates as needed. (Updated April 16, 2021)

Wenatchee FC COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines - PDF Link


PSPL Guidelines for Soccer Activities:


Washington State COVID-19 Sporting Requirements:


General Requirements

All Club Participants 

  • Review and follow the COVID-19 safety practices as defined by current PSPL and Washington State youth soccer activity guidelines including masking, distancing, hand sanitizing, water bottle sharing, equipment use, etc.
  • Self-assess for COVID-19 signs or symptoms listed by the CDC prior to attending any club activity.
  • Do not attend any club activity if you, anyone in your household, or a close contact, tests positive for COVID-19, have signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or has a pending COVID-19 test result.
  • Screen using the Wenatchee FC COVID-19 screening and attestation form, or school district screening tool, when required.
  • Players or staff that cannot attend in-person school or work due to quarantine must stay home from club events.
  • Masking is required at all times for anyone attending club activities (including coaches, referees, players, parents, spectators, and volunteers).
  • Players competing in a game are required to wear masks until further notice.
  • Social distancing must be maintained during club events when not engaged in soccer sporting activities.
  • Bring personal hand sanitizer to all club activities and use per the guidelines.
  • Sanitize equipment and cleats prior to arrival at club activities.
  • Carpooling and hotel sharing outside of immediate family or close contacts should be avoided.
  • Use masks and extra ventilation if carpooling with people outside of immediate family is absolutely necessary.
  • Shower, wash clothing, and clean all training gear upon returning home if involved in soccer sporting activities.
  • People, households, or other groups at high-risk for COVID-19 complications are strongly encouraged to limit participation.
  • Wenatchee FC sanctioned activities could stop at any time as directed by the Wenatchee FC Board of Directors or government authorities.

Coach, Manager, or Team Representative Responsibilities

  • Athletes and staff are to be screened for COVID-19 signs and symptoms using the Wenatchee FC COVID-19 screening and attestation form, or school district screening tool, prior to club events.
  • Take temperatures of athletes, staff, and spectators upon arrival as required by facility specific protocols (currently only Wenatchee and Eastmont School District locations).
  • Anyone with a temperature of 100.4F or higher, or cannot pass the attestation questions, are to be sent home from club activities.
  • Maintain attendance list for team activities for 28 days - use screening form.
  • Provide hand sanitizing station or access at scheduled activities.
  • Coaches are to sanitize balls and other equipment at the completion of club activities.


Facility Specific Protocols

The below are specific to these facilities. Updates will be sent to WFC teams and visiting teams before events.  All other General Requirements apply. These protocols may change.

All Below Facilities

  • Masks are required for everyone at all times including players actively in games until further notice.
  • Use restroom prior to arrival - restroom use is for emergencies only and one person at a time.
  • Temperature checks and screening of all players, staff, and spectators will be performed by a team representative, using the attestation form or school district screening tool, prior to entering the facility.
  • Players and staff are to sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the facility at a sanitizing station.
  • All spectators of different households are to remain physically distant, 6 feet or more.

Apple Bowl 

  • 200 maximum spectators allowed after screening and temperature checks (subject to limitations).
  • Enter and exit via the Pioneer Middle School parking lot entrance.
  • Seating is only allowed in designated areas as marked in stands and/or as directed by team representatives.

Foothills Middle School

  • 150 maximum people per field of play including spectators after screening and temperature checks (subject to limitations).
  • Enter via the southwest parking lot off of Maple St. if training near the football field.
  • Enter via the McKittrick entrance if training on the north side of the facility.
  • Enter via the southeast parking lot off of Maple St. if training on the southeast field.
  • Exit the same way you entered.

Eastmont Junior High School

  • 200 maximum spectators allowed after screening and temperature checks (subject to limitations).
  • Enter and exit via the N Iowa Ave. entrance.


Kirk Willett

Wenatchee FC COVID-19 Protocol Coordinator

Phone: (503) 806-4080